We solve the employment problems you cannot — whether it's because of staff restrictions, time limitations, shortage of applicants or the sensitive nature of the search.

NYC Healthcare Staffing meets with you to establish the search and budgetary and search parameters. Then, we locate the relevant companies and identify the candidates best matching your needs. From a preliminary list of a few hundred, we research and reach out to discover who's truly interested in the specific position, get a resume and salary demands and phone screen for suitability.

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Jesse Sabo
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3 Steps to Qualify a Medical Staffing Agency

Every healthcare facility and medical professional should consider a few key elements when choosing a staffng agency to work with. There are three key components to this: Nursing and Allied Health Candidate Pool Size, Recruiting Methods for attracting new Nurses and Allied Health Professionals, and Screening Procedures of Nurses and Allied Health Professionals.

Nursing and Allied [...]

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